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If you have been charged with a DWI or DUI in Nebraska it can seem overwhelming at the moment.  Questions about your driver's license, probation, alcohol treatment, jail time and other issues can be very stressful.  It seems that every friend has a different piece of advise for you. Call Blinn & Rees and get advice and representation you can count on for DWI in Sarpy, Douglas, Cass or Washington county.

Family Law

Divorce, Custody, Alimony, Child Support, Medical Expenses and Parenting Time.  These are all issues that are very personal to families.  Even when a family is not a single unit any longer, that doesn't mean that mom or dad should not continue to have their family relationship with their child.  You can count on our Omaha area attorneys to work with you through your case.

Custody and Child Support Modifications

Your initial custody and support finding may have been suitable at the time.  However, as time passes, children grow and incomes and jobs change, it may be time to re-address custody, parenting time or support.


Our office has been practicing criminal law in Nebraska for over a decade.  Whether you are charged with 3rd degree assault, domestic violence, theft, drug offenses or other misdemeanors or felonies, you can count on our office to represent you.