Blinn & Rees, PC, LLO has been actively engaged in family law and divorce practice for over a decade.  Our primary courts include Sarpy, Douglas, Cass and Washington counties, representing clients from Omaha, Papillion, Bellevue, LaVista, Gretna and surrounding areas, although for special cases we will represent parties in other Nebraska jurisdictions.  This website is intended to provide some general information.  It is not intended to provide legal advice.  The facts and the information included may not apply to you, laws change and other scenarios arise that may make some or all of the information on this site not applicable to your case.   Attorneys are intended to provide the specific legal advice that you need.  This website will cover some common situations.  Much of the information can apply to divorces, legal separations, property division and valuations, paternity actions, modification of decrees, custody, visitation, child support, custody, and removal of children from the jurisdiction.  The information on this site and other information you may receive from us in the form of an initial consultation are just general guidelines.  Some of the information on our website will apply to you, and some may not.  Laws are subject to change and courts can interpret laws differently.  Your case will vary from your friend's cases and other cases.  Do not consider this website or what you hear from others as legal advice.  If you retain our office, we are here to provide you specific advice on your case.


Divorce is an unfortunate part of life for many people in Nebraska.  We will work to make it less unpleasant and work toward the appropriate outcome for you.  How difficult your divorce case is from a legal perspective and how difficult your case is from a personal perspective will depend on many different factors.  Some of those factors are simply not within your or our control, such as how difficult the other party or attorney becomes.  We will work to make your case as tolerable and smooth as possible.

Residency Requirements

Not everyone can file for divorce in Nebraska.  You must have lived in Nebraska for at least one year prior to filing for a divorce in this state. You may file for divorce in either the county that you reside or that your spouse resides. 

Nebraska is a No Fault Divorce State

This actually simplifies things tremendously in most cases.   Nebraska does not require a reason for the divorce.  You or your spouse  must allege and affirm that the marriage is irretrievably broken and that further efforts to reconcile the marriage would not succeed.

Legal Separation

Although a legal separation is possible, it is really only best for a very few specific situations.  If you feel this may apply to you, then please feel free to discuss this with our office and we will work to find you the best solution.   Most couples that start down the path of a legal separation usually wind up divorced anyway, and instead of paying for one lawsuit, you pay for two.  In filing for legal separation, you do not have the same residency requirements as you do in filing for divorce.


An annulment is a type of case in which the court is asked to treat the marriage as if it never existed.  Annulments are rarely granted and there are limited situations in which they are appropriate.  If you want more information about this process and to see if you may qualify, then please discuss this with us.