Five Reasons To Use Blinn & Rees as Your Attorneys in Nebraska



Each of our attorneys has over a decade of experience in representing clients in our practice areas.  You can count on our experience being on your side when you need it.  Over 30 years of combined experience  ready to represent you.

We Will Keep You Up To Date

You will be able to call and actually speak to someone concerning your case.  We do our best to return phone calls the same day, and if we can't for some reason we will do so as soon as we can.

We Will Work Hard on Your Case

We will do our best to represent you in this matter.  We will tell you what is in your best interest.  Sometimes what is in your best interest is not what you want to hear, but it is necessary for you to hear it to have a successful case.  

Our Honest Advice

We will advise you on matters pertaining to your case.  We will do our very best to provide you the most accurate information and best advice possible.  We will tell you how we view your case and not sugar coat the case or build false expectations.

Our Confidentiality

We will keep your confidential information confidential.  Many of our cases come from referrals   We may know people you know and we may know people that are friends of yours.  What you can count on is the fact that they will not know, from us, any confidential information that you provide us.  If your family, friends or others call us to talk about your case, we will not do so unless you instruct us to discuss it with them.