Family law can cover a wide variety of cases.  Click on the case type for more information.

Divorce.  When a husband and wife in Nebraska seek a divorce there are a variety of issues that must be addressed, including children, support and property.

Financial Issues. Financial issues in a divorce case are only half the issues if you have children, but many times they are the most complicated.

Child Custody. Child custody is a factor for divorces, paternity cases and modification of previous orders.

Modifications.  After a final order in a paternity case or divorce case is entered, it may later need to be modified.  What can be modified is usually limited to the children and support.

Protection Orders.  Protection orders run separately and sometimes in parallel to other family law cases.  However, they have serious consequences and should not be ignored.

Military Divorces.  Military divorces present a variety of legal issues that not all attorneys, members or spouses are aware of.  Contact our office to understand military cases.

Uncontested Divorces. If you believe you have all of your issues worked out and just need a few questions answered, paperwork prepared and help with hearings, give us a call for an economical divorce.

High Net Worth Divorces.  If you have a high net worth or salary, we will address your specific needs and possible unique solutions to your case.