Child Support Modification

Child support in Nebraska is set at an initial divorce decree, finding of paternity or support hearing.  Until the children are no longer eligible for child support purposes the court may modify a child support amount.  There are many factors that can determine whether child support should be modified.  Generally speaking the court is looking for at least a 10% change in the child support guideline calculation in order to make a change in child support.  Here are a few additional reasons child support could change:

  • A change in physical custody
  • A change in income of the parties
  • A change in health insurance providers or costs
  • A change in travel expenses
  • A change in parenting time.

Custody Modification

The court retains the authority to change physical custody, legal custody or parenting time throughout the childhood of the children.  Generally speaking there is a significant burden for the party wishing the change custody arrangements after the entry of the original finding.  The court will usually look to a material change in circumstances and the best interests of the children when making a determination concerning custody.

Blinn & Rees, P.C., L.L.O. will review your case with you to help you decide if a change in custody or child support is likely concerning your case.  We can discuss the facts specific to your case and help you make a decision on how to go forward regarding your case.